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Maruyama Brushcutters

Range of Maruyama Brushcutters available in-store now

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Silky Fox

We sell a range of quality Silky Fox blades and saws

  • genkitemagari

    Silky – Genki-Temagari

    £166.40 inc VAT
  • gomtaro

    Silky – Gomtaro

    £43.94£63.43 inc VAT
  • gomtaro-2dangiri

    Silky – Gomtaro 2Dangiri

    £56.74 inc VAT
  • gomtaro-fine

    Silky – Gomtaro Fine

    £46.28£52.16 inc VAT
Silky - Pocketboy

New Range of Tools In-Store Now!

Call us on 01545 570 853 for more information
  • T6270

    C.K High Pressure Grease Gun

    £28.84 inc VAT
  • T6228

    C.K Cable Tacker For Telecom Cable

    £67.26 inc VAT
  • T6238

    C.K Wire Brush 4 Rows

    £4.69 inc VAT
  • T6215

    C.K Glue Gun 80W UK Plug

    £32.87 inc VAT

Orec SP1000 "Spider" Bank Mower

Perfect and safe for mowing on steep slopes.

Only £2,750 inc VAT – £430 saving

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Lavor Pressure Washers

Lavor pressure washers and vacuum cleaners in stock now.

Shop Lavor
  • i-Clean-140

    Lavor ICLEAN 140 Pressure Washer

    £149.00 inc VAT
  • i-Clean-160

    Lavor ICLEAN 160 Pressure Washer

    £199.00 inc VAT
  • Independent-1900

    Lavor INDEPENDENT 1900 Pressure Washer

    £289.00 inc VAT
  • Independent-2000

    Lavor INDEPENDENT 2000 Pressure Washer

    £299.00 inc VAT

SLAM Blade

The SLAM Blade is an excellent mulching tool attachment for your strimmer


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