Portek Chainsharp 12v Chainsaw Sharpener

£29.95 inc VAT


Keep it sharp with Chainsharp 12v Chainsaw Sharpener!

The ChainSharp is a compact, hand held 12v electrical powered chain saw sharpener, designed to sharpen most types of chainsaw chain. It’s great value for money – and if you want to use the ChainSharp 12v sharpener out in the field, it connects to any 12v battery which are commonly available from most tool stockists

The ChainSharp electric chainsaw sharpener comes with three different size grinding stones:

  • 5/32” (smallest diameter stone) fits saw with 1/4 pitch or 3/8”s low profile chain
  • 3/16” (medium diameter stone) fits saw with .325 pitch chain
  • 7/32” (largest diameter stone) fits saw with 3/8” pitch chain
      Connects to any 12v battery
      12v, 24000 rpm motor
      1/4”, .325”, 3/8” or .404” pitch chains
      Three sizes of sharpening stones

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